Our advantages and benefits

  • Small classes and individualized attention
  • The same teacher for 99% of classes
  • Experience with ADHD, autism and learning disabilities
  • Old fashioned discipline and teaching methodologies
  • Low cost of involvement and no surprise fees
  • Month-to-month tuition for everyone. No contracts.


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Food for thought …

The graphic to the left does a pretty good job of explaining why kids should be working towards their black belt.

What it doesn’t say is that earning a black belt is a considerable commitment.



CLOSURE: Halloween – Tuesday Oct-31

The karate school will be closed on Tuesday evening – October 31 – to allow our students and parents to enjoy the event.

The 10:30am Adult class will run as usual.



UPDATED: Online registration tool

The online registration tool has been updated. Some confusion was occurring with the selection of start dates. Initial changes have been made to resolve the problem and further changes will be made to better serve those registering. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Karate *is* self defense

Many martial arts schools make a big deal about offering “self defense courses” but our karate school has no need of that. Shorin-ryu Karate is the original form of Karate and was developed by the Pechin (warrior scholars) of the Ryukyu Kingdom specifically to be a system of self defense. Self defense is at the core of what we teach and practice. Our students and instructors talk about and practice (both empty hand and weapons) self defense in each and every class. Our students don’t pay special fees for extra courses because we teach it to all students in every class. Karate is self defense. Self defense is Karate.