Space *is* limited!

Space in our programs, particularly the younger groups, *is* limited. Each program allows for the registration of a maximum of 21 students. Groups that reach that limit will be wait listed until someone quits or graduates to another program.

5 reasons to register online

Our karate school utilizes a robust online registration form to register new students. The form submits directly to the database we use to manage the karate school and we can print forms from the software with a click of the button. It takes a few minutes to fill out the form but it is much easier for everyone.

Here are some other advantages to the onlne registration process:

  1. Online registration is much faster than offline.
  2. Instantly reserve your place in class.
  3. Instantly be registered in the school database.
  4. You can register online AND visit the school.
  5. You can opt not to pay online, just register.

The online registration system is one of the tools Sensei Ken Larkman uses to keep the karate school small and to simplify school management.

Register online today!