Karate *is* self defense

Many martial arts schools make a big deal about offering “self defense courses” but our karate school has no need of that. Shorin-ryu Karate is the original form of Karate and was developed by the Pechin (warrior scholars) of the Ryukyu Kingdom specifically to be a system of self defense. Self defense is at the core of what we teach and practice. Our students and instructors talk about and practice (both empty hand and weapons) self defense in each and every class. Our students don’t pay special fees for extra courses because we teach it to all students in every class. Karate is self defense. Self defense is Karate.

New privacy policy

Effective September 1, our karate school has under-taken an enhanced privacy policy. Our goal is to protect the privacy of our students, particularly minor students, and to make our karate school a leader in student privacy. As a result, we will no longer publish any photos of our students and will be working to protect student information. We are currently updating our registration forms and other documentation to reflect this policy. More information about our privacy policy will be published to students.

Just say “NO” to sports drinks

Those of you who have been around our karate school for a while know this but, for those who are newer, let me remind you:

Sports drinks are dangerous and no one in our karate school should be drinking them.

Sports drinks, particularly those with electrolytes and caffeine, are known to have resulted in deaths amongst kids and teenagers.

Electrolyte replacements should only be used under the direction of a doctor.

No one in our karate school works hard enough that they need to consume electrolytes or other sports drinks.

Sports drinks are not allowed in our karate school and parents are urged not to allow their kids to drink them.

During classes, students only need water to quench their thirst.

Water or a glass of milk is all that’s needed after karate training.