About us

Foothills Karate & Kobudo Club Ltd. was founded in the year 2000 by Sensei Ken Larkman as a way to continue his practice in traditional Karate and to introduce Calgarians to the practices of Okinawan Karate.

In the Okinawan tradition, our karate school (dojo) is small and classes are kept small. Many of the Okinawan masters (current and past) had only a handful of students at a time and their training space was often much less than that the martial arts schools typical in the West. A small karate school means the instructor works directly with all students, knows everyone’s name and ensures gets very personal instruction. Okinawan dojo were often attached to the master’s home and were much more casual than their Japanese counterparts.


Our instructors

Sensei Ken Larkman

Sensei Ken Larkman

President & Chief Instructor


Sensei Ken Larkman has been involved in karate for more than 40 years:

  • Began training Fukien White Crane Gung-fu in 1978.
  • Switched to training Shotokan Karate in 1985.
  • Began teaching karate as an assistant in 1988.
  • Switched to Shorin-ryu Karate in 1998.
  • Hobbies include: computers; reading; and, bonsai.

A childhood illness has left him with many problems with his legs, knees and feet that often make training Karate difficult.

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