[This page is subject to change as policy is refined.]

The following is the official rank/colour system of the Ryukyu Kyuryo Shorin Ryu karate system.

Benchmarking system for 17 years and under

To help younger students set goals and meet the expectations for going up in rank, we utilize a simple benchmarking system that sets specific achievable steps to qualify for the next rank test.

The last week-day class of each month is dedicated to ‘Monthly Reviews‘ during which the students demonstrate what they have memorized over the past month. Students who achieve the next benchmark (as laid out in the table below) are awarded with their next stripe and are told what their next goal is. Those who have achieved all the benchmarks for their next belt test are put on the list to test at the next exam.

  • Yellow – memorized Fukyugata ichi
  • Orange – memorized Fukyugata ni
  • Green – memorized Pinan shodan
  • Blue – makes and holds zenkutsu dachi
  • Red – mae geri keage
  • Black – Tenryu no kon (8yrs +)
  • White – memorized Pinan nidan
  • Orange – mae washi geri 
  • Green – makes and holds neko ashi dachi
  • Blue – coming soon
  • Red – Gohon Kumite (8yrs +)
  • BlackShushi no kon dai (8yrs +)
  • White – memorized Pinan sandan
  • Yellow – yoko geri kekome
  • Green – makes and holds kiba dachi / shiko dachi
  • Blue – coming soon
  • Red – coming soon
  • BlackShushi no kon sho (8 years +)
  • White – memorized Pinan nidan
  • Yellow – memorized Fukyugata ni
  • Orange – Dachi waza ni
  • Blue – coming soon
  • Red – coming soon
  • BlackMaezato no nunchaku sho (8yrs +)
  • Two Fukyugata exercises
  • Five Pinan kata
  • Three Naihanchi kata
  • Tenryu no kon
  • Two Shushi no kon kata
  • Maezato no nunchaku sho
  • Kakie # 2
  • Kakie # 3
  • Gohon kumite (1 – 5)
  • Kansetsu waza ichi
  • Keri waza ichi
  • Keri waza ni
  • Mae ukemi waza
  • Ushiro ukemi waza
  • Yoko ukemi waza
  • Somersault
  • Forward fall
  • Jiyu ippon kumite
  • Has met all criteria to  Blue belt 1 stripe plus …
  • Has memorized Matsumura no passai
  • Memorized Tawada no sai (dai)
  • Has met all criteria to Blue belt 1 stripe plus …
  • Has memorized Kusanku (dai)
  • Has memorized Kusanku sho
  • Jion
  • Jutte
  • Has met all the criteria to Brown belt plus …
  • Niaeishi
  • Chinto
  • Wansu
  • Demonstrates controlled aggression
  •  Has met all the criteria to Brown belt 1 Stripe plus …
  • Useishi

Note: Belt stripes are benchmarks between ranks but not rank in themselves.

Stripes go on the left end of the white belt, starting about two centimeters from the tip with a quarter inch separation between stripes.


  • Kyu – ranks awarded to mudansha (under black belt ranks).
  • Dan – ranks awarded to yudansha (black belt ranks).

Age requirements:

  • 5dan candidates must be at least 30.
  • 6dan candidates must be at least 45.
  • 7-8dan candidates must be at least 55.
  • 9-10dan candidates must be at least 70.

Note: Age requirements are in place to ensure long term commitment to karate practice and maturity in system leadership.