Staring Tuesday February 5, our karate school will be running a home school class at 9:00am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

A Home School class has been a goal for a few years now. Thanks to the efforts of one of our brown belt parents, Bonnie, it’s now a reality. The Home School class will provide the same karate instruction as all our other karate classes only during the daytime.


Many of our students have co-ordination issues or need to develop the usage of their hips in their karate. To address this, we have added the good oldĀ hula hoop to our curriculum. Kids and adults both will develop their hula hoop skills to support and advance their karate skills. Students are being challenged to develop their hula hoop skills with a goal of 2 minutes continuous hooping.

Note: So far, only 3 out of 100 students can actually do the hula hoop so it’s going to be a major challenge.

UPDATED: Online registration tool

The online registration tool has been updated. Some confusion was occurring with the selection of start dates. Initial changes have been made to resolve the problem and further changes will be made to better serve those registering. Apologies for any inconvenience.

New privacy policy

Effective September 1, our karate school has under-taken an enhanced privacy policy. Our goal is to protect the privacy of our students, particularly minor students, and to make our karate school a leader in student privacy. As a result, we will no longer publish any photos of our students and will be working to protect student information. We are currently updating our registration forms and other documentation to reflect this policy. More information about our privacy policy will be published to students.

5 reasons to register online

Our karate school utilizes a robust online registration form to register new students. The form submits directly to the database we use to manage the karate school and we can print forms from the software with a click of the button. It takes a few minutes to fill out the form but it is much easier for everyone.

Here are some other advantages to the onlne registration process:

  1. Online registration is much faster than offline.
  2. Instantly reserve your place in class.
  3. Instantly be registered in the school database.
  4. You can register online AND visit the school.
  5. You can opt not to pay online, just register.

The online registration system is one of the tools Sensei Ken Larkman uses to keep the karate school small and to simplify school management.

Register online today!