SUMMER BREAK – June 26 to July 1


Wednesday – June 26


Thursday – June 27


Saturday – June 29


Monday – June 31


Tuesday – July 1


Wenesday – July 2


FKKC Benefits Chart

The chart below collects some basic ‘us versus them’ facts and figures to help students and potential students understand the benefits of being a FKKCORG student. Our karate school is quite unique in the Calgary business community but it’s not always obvious why. It’s difficult to explain to the uninitiated the difference between classic karate and the generic ‘martial arts schools’ that dominate the market. Hopefully, this chart gives you an idea:

Estimated annual cost of involvement (per person)
Classes per week
1-2 up to 7
Exam fees
$50 – $1200
First uniform $95 – 150
NO Term contracts
NO Sign-up fees
NO Annual dues
NO NSF fees
NO EXTRA COST for weapons instruction requires
NO EXTRA COST for tournament training
NO front desk / sales people
NO kids teach classes
NO fund-raising / extra donations solicited
NO ‘martial arts’
NO Fighting or ‘sparring’ in regular classes
NO games in classes, only karate
NO branded uniforms (ie. no advert on backs)
Senior instructor teaches all classes
Teaches old fashioned karate
Small classes
Custom built wood floor (rather than rubber mats)
Self defense oriented karate
NO costly “upgrades”
Online registration
Fixed days/times for classes
Separate classes for beginner/advanced students


CLOSURE: Christmas Holidays

The following is a day-by-day breakdown of the karate school’s holiday schedule:

  • SATURDAY (December 22) – Classes as normal
  • MONDAY (December 24) – No classes
  • TUESDAY (December 25) – No classes
  • WEDNESDAY (December 26) – No classes
  • THURSDAY (December 27) – No classes
  • FRIDAY (December 28) – No classes
  • SATURDAY (December 29) – Classes as normal
  • MONDAY (December 31) – No classes
  • TUESDAY (January 1) – No classes
  • WEDNESDAY (January 2) – Normal schedule resumes / New start times

Please plan your karate training accordingly.

Monthly reviews explained

The last week of every month, our students aged 17 and under must demonstrate what they learned (or didn’t learn, in some cases) over the past month of classes.

Typically the last class of the month is dedicated to the students getting up in front of their classmates and demonstrating the kata (formal exercise) they have practiced over the last 8 to 12 classes.

Students who have memorized completely the kata receive a belt stripe indicating their success meeting that benchmark.

Students that have met all benchmarks for their rank are added to the next belt testing list.

The objective of the monthly reviews is to give students achievable goals within a reasonable amount of time. Each goal gets them closer to the overall goal of increasing their rank. And, it provides them with the understanding of accountability in having to actually show what they’ve learned.

Of course, some students clue in to the process faster than others but that’s OK because there is also feedback from the instructor at each monthly review. Students may not achieve their stripe but the instructor is there to remind them how much they have improved since last month and to give feedback towards achieving their goal.

All this is to develop understanding of a simple philosophy: that which is given must be earned.