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CLOSURE: Christmas Holidays

The karate school will be closed Monday to Thursday, December 24 to December 28, to accommodate the Christmas holiday and associated stat holidays. There will be classes on Saturday, December 22 as normal. There will be classes on Saturday, December 30 as normal. Please plan your karate training accordingly.

Hula Hoops

Many of our students have co-ordination issues or need to develop the usage of their hips in their karate. To address this, we have added the good old hula hoop to our curriculum. Kids and adults both will develop their hula hoop skills to support and advance their karate skills. Students are being challenged to develop […]

Monthly reviews explained

The last week of every month, our students aged 17 and under must demonstrate what they learned (or didn’t learn, in some cases) over the past month of classes. Typically the last class of the month is dedicated to the students getting up in front of their classmates and demonstrating the kata (formal exercise) they […]

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