FKKC Benefits Chart

The chart below collects some basic ‘us versus them’ facts and figures to help students and potential students understand the benefits of being a FKKCORG student. Our karate school is quite unique in the Calgary business community but it’s not always obvious why. It’s difficult to explain to the uninitiated the difference between classic karate and the generic ‘martial arts schools’ that dominate the market. Hopefully, this chart gives you an idea:

Estimated annual cost of involvement (per person)
Classes per week
1-2 up to 7
Exam fees
$50 – $1200
First uniform $95 – 150
NO Term contracts
NO Sign-up fees
NO Annual dues
NO NSF fees
NO EXTRA COST for weapons instruction requires
NO EXTRA COST for tournament training
NO front desk / sales people
NO kids teach classes
NO fund-raising / extra donations solicited
NO ‘martial arts’
NO Fighting or ‘sparring’ in regular classes
NO games in classes, only karate
NO branded uniforms (ie. no advert on backs)
Senior instructor teaches all classes
Teaches old fashioned karate
Small classes
Custom built wood floor (rather than rubber mats)
Self defense oriented karate
NO costly “upgrades”
Online registration
Fixed days/times for classes
Separate classes for beginner/advanced students


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