Our tuition policy

Our karate school’s tuition policy is pretty simple: We collect monthly tuition on the 1st day of the month or the 15th of the month (we give you the choice of collection dates). To stop us collecting or expecting to collect, you must provide notice in writing at least 30 days in advance. If you […]

FKKC Benefits Chart

The chart below collects some basic ‘us versus them’ facts and figures to help students and potential students understand the benefits of being a FKKCORG student. Our karate school is quite unique in the Calgary business community but it’s only always obvious why. It’s difficult to explain to the uninitiated the difference between classic karate […]


Staring Tuesday February 5, our karate school will be running a home school class at 9:00am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. A Home School class has been a goal for a few years now. Thanks to the efforts of one of our brown belt parents, Bonnie, it’s now a reality. The Home School class will […]

CLOSURE: Christmas Holidays

The following is a day-by-day breakdown of the karate school’s holiday schedule: SATURDAY (December 22) – Classes as normal MONDAY (December 24) – No classes TUESDAY (December 25) – No classes WEDNESDAY (December 26) – No classes THURSDAY (December 27) – No classes FRIDAY (December 28) – No classes SATURDAY (December 29) – Classes as […]



Many of our students have co-ordination issues or need to develop the usage of their hips in their karate. To address this, we have added the good old hula hoop to our curriculum. Kids and adults both will develop their hula hoop skills to support and advance their karate skills. Students are being challenged to develop […]

Monthly reviews explained

The last week of every month, our students aged 17 and under must demonstrate what they learned (or didn’t learn, in some cases) over the past month of classes. Typically the last class of the month is dedicated to the students getting up in front of their classmates and demonstrating the kata (formal exercise) they […]

Food for thought …

The graphic to the left does a pretty good job of explaining why kids should be working towards their black belt. What it doesn’t say is that earning a black belt is a considerable commitment.    

UPDATED: Online registration tool

The online registration tool has been updated. Some confusion was occurring with the selection of start dates. Initial changes have been made to resolve the problem and further changes will be made to better serve those registering. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Karate *is* self defense

Many martial arts schools make a big deal about offering “self defense courses” but our karate school has no need of that. Shorin-ryu Karate is the original form of Karate and was developed by the Pechin (warrior scholars) of the Ryukyu Kingdom specifically to be a system of self defense. Self defense is at the […]