Belt system

[This page is subject to change as policy is refined.]

The following is the official rank/colour system of the Ryukyu Kyuryo Shorin Ryu karate system.

White belt stripes (ages 17 & under)

To provide benchmarking​ for younger students, our Karate school has implemented belt stripes for white belts.

WHITE Yellow memorized Fukyugata ichi
  Orange memorized Fukyugata ni
  Green memorized Pinan shodan
  Blue stance zenkutsu dachi (front weighted stance)
  Black coming soon
YELLOW White memorized Pinan Nidan
  Orange memorized Fukyugata ni
Green stance neko ashi dachi (cat foot stance)
ORANGE White memorized Pinan sandan
Yellow stance kiba dachi / shiko dachi (side stance)

Note: Belt stripes are benchmarks between ranks but not rank in themselves.

Stripes go on the left end of the white belt, starting about two centimeters from the tip with a quarter inch separation between stripes.


Age requirements:

Note: Age requirements are in place to ensure long term commitment to karate practice and maturity in system leadership.


Updated: Friday – December 1, 2017