Attendance is an important issue for any martial arts school. We know that students that attend regularly do better than those who have haphazard schedules. Also, those who train more often progress faster than those who don’t.

Attendance requirements

Our students are required to do two classes per week.

Missed classes must be made up.

Students whose attendance falls below once per week will lose their place in class.

Attendance credits

We track attendance for all students according to the following values:

  • 1 class = 1 credit
  • Late arrival = 1/2 credit

‘Late arrival’ means the student joined the class after class start time.

Attendance tracking system

Our karate school uses an attendance card system to manage and track attendance.

The system is quite simple:

  1. On arrival, the student gets their attendance card.
  2. Cards go in tray at the front of the training floor.
  3. Late students give their cards to the instructor.
  4. At day end, cards are entered into the database.

Students who don’t move their cards don’t get credit.


Updated: Tuesday – May 29, 2017