Most common attacks

These are the most common attacks made on men and women, respectively, according to data gathered from Europe and the UK by a British Home Office study group.

Male on Male:

  1. Push, hands to chest, pushee strikes to the head.
  2. Swinging punch to the head.
  3. One-handed front clothing grab, punch to the head.
  4. Two-handed front clothing grab, head butt.
  5. Two-handed front clothing grab, knee to groin.
  6. Bottle, glass, or ashtray to the head.
  7. Lashing kick to groin / lower legs.
  8. Broken bottle/glass jabbed at face.
  9. Slash with knife, most commonly 3 to 4″ lockblade knife or kitchen utility knife.
  10. Grappling style head lock.

Male on Female (robbery or sexual assault):

  1. Approach from the rear/side/front, threat made with a weapon, weapon then hidden. Victim’s right upper arm held by attacker’s left hand, and victim led away.
  2. Silent or rushing approach made from victim’s rear, then rear neck/head lock applied and victim dragged away.
  3. Same approach as in #2, with rear waist grab. Victim carried/dragged away, normally into bushes/alley, etc.
  4. Victim pinned to a wall with throat grab with the attacker’s left hand. Weapon-shown threat made, then weapon hidden and victim led away.
  5. Approach from rear/ front/side. Attacker grabs victim’s hair with his left hand and drags her away.


Most Common Wrist Grips (Male On Female):

  1. Attacker’s left hand, thumb uppermost, gripping victim’s raised right wrist. Threatening/ gesticulating with right hand.
  2. Victim’s right arm down, attacker grips victim’s right wrist with his right hand and her right upper arm with his left hand.
  3. Victim raises both arms, with both wrists gripped. Attacker’s hands are vertical with thumbs uppermost.
  4. Victim’s arms down, attacker grabs both upper arms.
  5. Victim’s right arm down, attacker’s left hand grabs just below the right elbow, right hand grabs her wrist.



Updated: Wednesday – August 9, 2017