Our Karate System

We practice Ryukyu Kyuryo Shorin-ryu in our Karate school. These are some important facts about Shorin-ryu:

  • Shorin-ryu is the oldest system of Karate.
  • Karate was started in the village of Shuri.
  • Most karate is based on¬†Shorin-ryu.
  • Karate was created by the Pechin for self defense.
  • The Pechin were scholar-officials.
  • Karate was practiced in secret until the early 20th century.
  • The original name for Karate was Ti or Te.
  • Karate first appeared in Japan in 1922.
  • Japanese Karate is now different than Shorin-ryu.
  • There are only a few Shorin-ryu schools in Canada.
  • Japanese karate is better known due to sport.
  • Few Shorin-ryu schools compete.
  • Competition is seen as conflicting with self defense.
Sensei Larkman created the Ryukyu Kyuryo Shorin-ryu system because there was no Shorin-ryu in Calgary.


Features of Ryukyu Kyuryo Shorin-ryu:
  • Higher front stances.
  • No turnout on back foot in zenkutsu dachi.
  • Emphasis on precision in stance shifting.
  • List of waza that are regularly practiced by all.
  • Kata comprises 60% of training.
  • Emphasis on slow practice of kata.
  • Fast kata is reserved for presentation.
  • Regular application practice linked to kata.
  • Focus on physical fitness to support technique.
  • Mostly older versions of kata.
  • Mixture of Japanese and Okinawan terminology.
  • Minimal bowing/ceremony.
  • No ‘warrior’ / ‘budo’ type philosophy taught.
  • Emphasis on defense of the individual.
  • Use escalating response model for defense.
  • Focus is only building strength, not cardio.
  • Realistic defense, not tournament application.
  • Emphasize response to common acts of violence‚Äč.
  • Honor the ‘mixed martial art’ tradition of Karate.

Updated: Thursday – June 1, 2017