The following are the rules of our karate school:

General rules

  • Students will attend at least one class weekly at a time designated for their instruction.
  • Be on the floor 5 minutes before class starts.
  • The student is responsible for attendance cards.
  • Long hair must be in a ponytail or bun.
  • Uniforms must be clean and well-maintained.
  • Shoes/boots go under the benches.
  • Jackets go on hooks.

Late arrival instructions

  • When unavoidably late, or returning to class, the student will open the door to the training floor, enter, close the door, bow, move sideways away from the door, kneel, and wait for the Sensei’s instructions.
  • Give your attendance card to the instructor.

Training floor rules

  • Bow upon entering and leaving the training floor.
  • Place attendance cards in tray.
  • Bags/water at the edge of the training floor.
  • Higher belts will aid lower belts in their training.
  • Lower belts follow the instruction of higher belts.
  • No sparring without express permission of Sensei.
  • Do not touch other people’s weapons or gear.
  • Do not leave the training floor during class without your teacher’s permission.

Additional rules for ages 17 and under

  • Do not boss other students around.
  • Do not distract other students.
  • Only practice Karate on the training floor.
  • No horseplay, fooling around or loud talking between classes.
  • Ask for permission to use any equipment.
  • Raise your hand to ask a question.
Rules for parents/guests
  • Cell phones should be turned off​ or on vibrate.

NOTE: The above rules are instituted primarily for the safety and protection of students.

Updated: Tuesday – May 29, 2017